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Welcome to! PingSphere is a product of HA Development Technologies and the first step in many modern internet services.

At its core is a uptime monitoring service designed to monitor all kinds of web services as close to real time as possible. However, doing this at scale, with minimal infrastructure while achieving high availability makes it a hard thing to do.

We've managed it with amazing low level & kernel by passing networking code. A super resilient & redundant process for managing alert notifications, has multiple useful features and will support multiple if not all network protocols as well as commonly used API application checks.

Why are we doing this? There are so many others out there?

We got asked this and the answer came down to an easy list. Existing services are:

  • Expensive
  • No longer offer free services
  • Became large enterprises
  • Complicated or over simplified alerting
  • Old or outdated and no longer meet modern needs
  • Do not support major alert integrations

However the largest one was fundamental. In particular with ICMP it is hard to ping hundreds of hosts at the same time from one server without causing artificial delay.

Artificial delay occurs when the networking packets are passing through the CPU, kernel, application stack before registering how long it took. e.g:

Using the ping command as the base line on linux (debian 9) as an example.

Code RTT
ping 1ms
golang 130ms
nodejs 159ms
pingsphere 3ms

Network Monitors

Currently we are supporting:

  • ICMP

Mean while we are working on:

  • TCP
  • UDP
  • DNS
  • IPv6
  • HTTP2 / gRPC
  • API
  • MTR


With each of these monitor types you're able to create alert rules, which trigger when a check of some kind has failed and met a alert score threshold.

Alert Score: a integer indicating the number of failed checks.

Alert Integration: A medium in which you want to be notified when an alert has been triggered or resolved.

Alert: a defined alert which has an alert score threshold, monitors & alert integrations

Alert Integrations

We currently integrate with some of the major alert providers which are used by teams all over the world.

Contact Us

Email us at:

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