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How to create a box with texture in Blender.

  1. Start Blender with default cude.
  2. At the top switch from Default to UV Editing
  3. With mouse in right window. Press Tab to go into edit mode.
  4. With mouse in right window. Press U for Unwrap an than choose a mode for unwapping. (Smar Unwarp for example)
  5. In the left window press +New next to the image symbol. Choose a color or UV Grid in Generator Type.
  6. Image* -> Pack Image (Not Pack as PNG!)
  7. On the top go back to Default
  8. In the right bar go into the Texture Tab (Small red white Icon)
  9. Select Image or Movie in the Type drop down.
  10. In Image Sub Tab click the Icon left to the +New button. And select the Image.
  11. In Mapping change Generated to UV and select Map UVMap
  12. Save Blender File
  13. Export with