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Added more info and examples to README.

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@@ -18,23 +18,26 @@ Reason behind Whiskers
Why? Shortly to automate your workflow.
Think an environment where you're managing tens or hundereds of buildouts - say
-Plone instances. Most of them have probably almost same packages and almost same
+Plone instances. Most of them have probably almost the same packages and
versions. Now you make an critical fix to some custom package and you need to
-know which buildouts you have to update. Whikers helps you here by knowing what
-is required and where.
+know which buildouts you have to update. Whiskers helps you here by knowing
+what is required and where.
-Whiskers 1.x is developed with Python 3.3 and tested with Python 3.2.
-If you are for some reason tied to Python 2.x you can still use Whiskers 0.2.
+Python 2.6, 2.7, 3.2 or 3.3
- virtualenv --no-site-packages -p /path/to/python3.3 whiskers
+ virtualenv --no-site-packages -p /path/to/python whiskers
cd whiskers
bin/pip install whiskers
@@ -45,12 +48,55 @@ Github
- virtualenv --no-site-packages -p /path/to/python3.3 whiskers
+ virtualenv --no-site-packages -p /path/to/python whiskers
git clone git://
cd whiskers
python install
bin/pserve production.ini
+To get some data to Whiskers you should set up buildout.sendpickedversions for
+your buildouts. Just add following lines to your buildout.cfg: ::
+ [buildout]
+ extensions = buildout.sendpickedversions
+ send-data-url = http://localhost:6543
+ ...
+Above configuration assumes you have Whiskers running on localhost.
+Run buildout and it should say in last lines something like this: ::
+ ...
+ root: Sending data to remote url (http://localhost:6543/)
+ Added buildout information to Whiskers.
+Open web browser and go to http://localhost:6543/buildouts and you should see
+your buildout data.
+Having trouble
+Both Whiskers and buildout.sendpickedversions have been updated to work
+nicely together. Make sure you are using latest version of
+buildout.sendpickedversions when you've set up Whiskers 1.x.
+Older version of buildout.sendpickedversions (0.x) is incompatible with
+Whiskers 1.x. Same goes to other way too - Whiskers 0.x doesn't work with
+buildout.sendpickedversions 1.x.
+Found a bug
+Please kill it (or add a new issue to github). Code is out there for you.
+Seriously - I'm more than willing accepting new contributions.
.. _PyPI:
.. _Github:
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