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Whiskers is pyramid application which knows your buildouts inside out.

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"Vibrissae (singular: vibrissa), or whiskers, are specialized hairs (or, in certain bird species, specialized feathers) usually employed for tactile sensation." - Wikipedia

Whiskers is a Pyramid application for storing information about your buildouts. It is intended to use with buildout.sendpickedversions (PyPI, Github) extension.

Reason behind Whiskers

Why? Shortly to automate your workflow.

Think an environment where you're managing tens or hundereds of buildouts - say Plone instances. Most of them have probably almost same packages and almost same versions. Now you make an critical fix to some custom package and you need to know which buildouts you have to update. Whikers helps you here by knowing what is required and where.

Installation using virtualenv

virtualenv whiskers --no-site-packages
cd whiskers
bin/pip install whiskers
bin/pserve production.ini


Whiskers is currently just storing buildout information. Future plans involve at least following features:

  • Have a buildout history so you can follow what packages have been updated, added or removed.
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