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run_tests_firebase_testlab plugin

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Please, read this blog post if you want to know better how to use this plugin.

Getting Started

This project is a fastlane plugin. To get started with fastlane-plugin-run_tests_firebase_testlab, add it to your project by running:

fastlane add_plugin run_tests_firebase_testlab

About run_tests_firebase_testlab

  • Authenticates with Google Cloud.

  • Runs Android tests in Firebase Test Lab.

  • Fetches the results to a local directory.

  • Deletes the results from firebase bucket if wanted.


Check out the example Fastfile to see how to use this plugin.

Simple usage

    project_id: "your-firebase-project-id",
    devices: [
        model: "Nexus6P",
        version: "27"


Parameter Description Optional Default
project_id Your Firebase project id No -
devices A list of devices to test the App on No -
device[model] A device model on which the tests will run No -
device[version] The Android api version of the device No -
device[locale] The locale to test against Yes en_US
device[orientation] The orientation of the device Yes portrait
app_apk The path for your app apk Yes app/build/outputs/apk/debug/
android_test_apk The path for your android test apk Yes app/build/outputs/apk/androidTest/
timeout The max time this test execution can run before it is cancelled Yes 30m
output_dir The directory to save the output results Yes firebase
bucket_url The bucket url where the test results were stored Yes Parsed automatically from tests output
delete_firebase_files A flag to control if the firebase files should be deleted from the bucket or not Yes false
extra_options Extra options that you need to pass to the gcloud command Yes empty string
gcloud_service_key_file File path containing the gcloud auth key Yes Created from GCLOUD_SERVICE_KEY environment variable
download_results_from_firebase A flag to control if the firebase files should be downloaded from the bucket or not Yes true

Run tests for this plugin

To run both the tests, and code style validation, run


To automatically fix many of the styling issues, use

rubocop -a

Issues and Feedback

For any other issues and feedback about this plugin, please submit it to this repository.


If you have trouble using plugins, check out the Plugins Troubleshooting guide.

Using fastlane Plugins

For more information about how the fastlane plugin system works, check out the Plugins documentation.

About fastlane

fastlane is the easiest way to automate beta deployments and releases for your iOS and Android apps. To learn more, check out