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packages Fixed node server not stoping & added updater Jan 2, 2019
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PS4 PKG Linker

A PC side GUI tool to go with the PS4 remote package installer from flatz.

This does not allow playing games that requier A higher firmware!

Follow the progress at psx-place

Release Thread is at psx-place Resource


Test Build 4

Added the Node.js Server as an exe thanks to leeful74.

I'm marking this as a pre-release because it and the updater still need testing.

Third Test Build

Fixed bug with node server not exiting with app & added an update checker.


Second Test Build

Added support for Node.js serve


First Release

I've moved away from the installer for now & fixed a few things. From my test everything seems to be working so here is PS4 PKG Linker v1.0.

Visual C++ Redistributable for Visual Studio 2015 is required for Apache You can Find it here

  • Extract somewhere with no spaces in the path.

  • Input you PS4's IP.

  • Double click the directory box to select your folder with your pkg's.

  • Start the server.

  • Select a pkg to install or uninstall.


Dead link

  • First test build!U2BHmACS!YRLRGzhI4L1PAblel0YME7M5NQn8c_LYT8Z96ocByhc.

  • 11/07/2018

    • Added close to tray option with menu & fading effect while the server is running.
    • Added about tab.(image below)
    • Added Server Status page.(image below)
    • Added Splash Screen
    • Auto picks the first open port of 80+
    • Auto loads IP's into drop down box.
    • And a lot of the code behind the GUI plus things I can't think of.