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MQTT and E1.31 pixel driver for ESP8266 and ESP32

For setup information and more, please see the wiki

Version 0.11.0 is a major refactor and breaks out all (except a few core effects) to a seperate .ino file. An effect template is given at the end of the file to enable you to easily contribute your own effects.


Fade now implemented on power on/off and all effect changes.

New from v0.10.0 Audio reactive effects

New from v0.9.0 Rotary Encoder Support for Brightness and effect Speed

  • LED driver
  • MQTT control and status using Json messages
  • MQTT discovery for Home Assistant for easy set up
  • MQTT group topic to allow control of multiple boards with single MQTT message
  • Last will and testament MQTT messages to show online status
  • Support for Home Assistant flash function
  • OTA updates
  • Status indication at boot... red - powered up, amber - wifi connected, green MQTT connected


  • Home Assistant "white value" slider can be used to control effect speed
  • Physical button control
  • Rotary encoder control for Brightness and Speed
  • Original sketch effects and DrZzs custom effects (from this video) included.
  • E1.31 Unicast control (ie Xlights) - (note can ONLY be selected via MQTT)
  • Audio reactive effects using Microphone Audio amplifier module

Thanks to the original authors, Bruh, Library authors, DrZzs for additional effects, for color palettes, @bbacskay and anyone else I've missed!