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Libbet and the Magic Floor

This is a port of Martin Korth's game Magic Floor to the Game Boy compact video game system, introducing Libbet the boulder girl.

One day, Libbet was rearranging her basement when she discovered a passage to an empty hall whose floor had a peculiar pattern. She rolled in to investigate.

The floor tiles have four shades. Libbet can roll or jump between tiles of the same shade. She can also roll or jump onto the next brighter shade or from white to black, which leaves a track. Tiles with no exits contain a trap door that leads to the entrance. Leave 90 percent of possible tracks and roll to the exit to win.


  • Control Pad: Roll
  • A + Control Pad: Jump


The game is written in assembly language. Building it from source requires RGBDS, GNU Make, Python 3, and Pillow (Python Imaging Library). Open a terminal or command prompt, put RGBDS, Make, and Python on your PATH, then type


Once you've built it (or downloaded a binary release), it will play in SameBoy, bgb, or mGBA emulator, or on a Game Boy through a Catskull or EverDrive flash cart.

The game is not yet ported to Mega Duck or Analogue Pocket, as supply chain problems have prevented the developer from procuring a system on which to test it.


Performing feats in the game will earn you achievements. Some are harder to earn than others.

  • Completionist: Complete all floors with 100% score
  • Sink it: Complete a floor with 100% score, leaving the last track while entering a dead end
  • Dash for the door: Complete a floor with 100% score, and then reach the exit without retreating or resting
  • No peeking: Complete a floor without resting more than a second or inputting an invalid move
  • Restless: Complete a floor while rolling continuously, without resting a single frame or inputting an invalid move
  • No scope: Rotate the Control Pad by 360 degrees during a jump


Copyright 2002, 2012 Martin Korth
Copyright 2018, 2021 Damian Yerrick

This program is free software. Permission is granted to use it subject to the terms of the zlib License. See the file LICENSE.