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; NES controller reading code
; Copyright 2009-2011 Damian Yerrick
; Copying and distribution of this file, with or without
; modification, are permitted in any medium without royalty provided
; the copyright notice and this notice are preserved in all source
; code copies. This file is offered as-is, without any warranty.
; 2011-07: Damian Yerrick added labels for the local variables and
; copious comments and made USE_DAS a compile-time option
.export read_pads
.importzp cur_keys, new_keys
JOY1 = $4016
JOY2 = $4017
; turn USE_DAS on to enable autorepeat support
.ifndef USE_DAS
; time until autorepeat starts making keypresses
; time between autorepeat keypresses
.segment "CODE"
.proc read_pads
thisRead = 0
firstRead = 2
lastFrameKeys = 4
; store the current keypress state to detect key-down later
lda cur_keys
sta lastFrameKeys
lda cur_keys+1
sta lastFrameKeys+1
; Read the joypads twice in case DMC DMA caused a clock glitch.
jsr read_pads_once
lda thisRead
sta firstRead
lda thisRead+1
sta firstRead+1
jsr read_pads_once
; For each player, make sure the reads agree, then find newly
; pressed keys.
ldx #1
; If the player's keys read out the same way both times, update.
; Otherwise, keep the last frame's keypresses.
lda thisRead,x
cmp firstRead,x
bne @dontUpdateGlitch
sta cur_keys,x
lda lastFrameKeys,x ; A = keys that were down last frame
eor #$FF ; A = keys that were up last frame
and cur_keys,x ; A = keys down now and up last frame
sta new_keys,x
bpl @fixupKeys
; Bits from the controllers are shifted into thisRead and
; thisRead+1. In addition, thisRead+1 serves as the loop counter:
; once the $01 gets shifted left eight times, the 1 bit will
; end up in carry, terminating the loop.
lda #$01
sta thisRead+1
; Write 1 then 0 to JOY1 to send a latch signal, telling the
; controllers to copy button states into a shift register
sta JOY1
lsr a
sta JOY1
; On NES and AV Famicom, button presses always show up in D0.
; On the original Famicom, presses on the hardwired controllers
; show up in D0 and presses on plug-in controllers show up in D1.
; D2-D7 consist of data from the Zapper, Power Pad, Vs. System
; DIP switches, and bus capacitance; ignore them.
lda JOY1 ; read player 1's controller
and #%00000011 ; ignore D2-D7
cmp #1 ; CLC if A=0, SEC if A>=1
rol thisRead ; put one bit in the register
lda JOY2 ; read player 2's controller the same way
and #$03
cmp #1
rol thisRead+1
bcc loop ; once $01 has been shifted 8 times, we're done
; Optional autorepeat handling
.export autorepeat
.importzp das_keys, das_timer
; Computes autorepeat (delayed-auto-shift) on the gamepad for one
; player, ORing result into the player's new_keys.
; @param X which player to calculate autorepeat for
.proc autorepeat
lda cur_keys,x
beq no_das
lda new_keys,x
beq no_restart_das
sta das_keys,x
sta das_timer,x
bne no_das
dec das_timer,x
bne no_das
sta das_timer,x
lda das_keys,x
and cur_keys,x
ora new_keys,x
sta new_keys,x