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A music engine for NES that supports both NES playback (with sound effects) and NSF.

Documentation can be found in docs/ and example tracks can be found in musicseq.pently.



For help setting up Python, ca65, Make, and Coreutils, see the README file for nrom-template.


Once you have the above installed, run make to build and play or make pently.nes to only build a ROM. Then edit the score and run make again to hear the changes. To use an entirely different score file, open makefile and change scorename, or use e.g. make NTS.nsfe or make NTS.nes to use score file audio/NTS.pently. To use a FamiTracker module, edit the FAMITRACKER and FT2P paths in makefile to reflect executable paths on your system, then run make Foothills.nsf to use score file audio/Foothills.ftm.


Copyright © 2009-2020 Damian Yerrick. Pently is free software, under the zlib License.