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pinobatch committed Jun 15, 2016
1 parent 2c44798 commit 1b5311dd6dff7996ccefbc7f61613ffa29ecf380
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@@ -1,7 +1,22 @@
0.05wip4 (2016-06)
* Project moved to GitHub:
* proper argument parsing
* options to read input from stdin, write output to file
* option to generate period table (requested by dougeff)
* writes data sizes in bytes as comments in output
(requested by NovaSquirrel)
* turned some internal exceptions into informative
error messages (reported by NovaSquirrel)
* treats r and w the same in drum patterns
(requested by NovaSquirrel)
* parentheses for slur for LilyPond parity
* Legato note overwrites uninjected attack's pitch
(reported by NovaSquirrel)
0.05wip3 (2016-01)
* Corrected namespacing of pently_stop_music and pently_resume_music
(reported by 43110)
* Allows relocating temporary zero page space (requested by 43110)
(reported by JRoatch)
* Allows relocating temporary zero page space (requested by JRoatch)
* Refactored without "god object"
* Changed syntax for arpeggio effect; the original
was based on a misreading of MCK Beginner's Guide
@@ -11,16 +11,15 @@
# These are used in the title of the NES program and the zip file.
title = pently
version = 0.05wip3
version = 0.05wip4
# Space-separated list of assembly language files that make up the
# PRG ROM. If it gets too long for one line, you can add a backslash
# (the \ character) at the end of the line and continue on the next.
# Space-separated list of asm files that make up the ROM,
# whether source code or generated
objlist := main \
pads ppuclear paldetect bcd math bpmmath \
pentlysound pentlymusic musicseq ntscPeriods
pentlysound pentlymusic musicseq
objlistnsf := nsfshell \
pentlysound pentlymusic musicseq ntscPeriods
pentlysound pentlymusic musicseq
AS65 = ca65
LD65 = ld65
@@ -33,25 +32,6 @@ imgdir = tilesets
EMU := fceux --input1 GamePad.0
# other options for EMU are start (Windows) or gnome-open (GNOME)
# Occasionally, you need to make "build tools", or programs that run
# on a PC that convert, compress, or otherwise translate PC data
# files into the format that the NES program expects. Some people
# write their build tools in C or C++; others prefer to write them in
# Perl, PHP, or Python. This program doesn't use any C build tools,
# but if yours does, it might include definitions of variables that
# Make uses to call a C compiler.
CC = gcc
CFLAGS = -std=gnu99 -Wall -DNDEBUG -O
# Windows needs .exe suffixed to the names of executables; UNIX does
# not. COMSPEC will be set to the name of the shell on Windows and
# not defined on UNIX.
.PHONY: run dist zip
run: $(title).nes
@@ -67,10 +47,15 @@ run: $(title).nes
dist: zip
zip: $(title)-$(version).zip
$(title)-$(version).zip: $(title).nes $(title).nsf \
TODO.txt README.txt CHANGES.txt docs/pently_manual.html \
TODO.txt CHANGES.txt docs/pently_manual.html \
zip -9 -u $@ -@ < $<
# Build from the list of files in the Git tree
git ls-files | grep -e "^[^.]" > $@
echo >> $@
$(objdir)/index.txt: makefile
echo "This file forces the creation of the folder for object files. You may delete it." > $@
@@ -97,13 +82,9 @@ $(objdir)/musicseq.o $(objdir)/pentlymusic.o: $(srcdir)/
# Files that depend on .incbin'd files
$(objdir)/main.o: tracknames.txt $(objdir)/bggfx.chr
# Generate lookup tables at build time
$(objdir)/ntscPeriods.s: tools/
$< period $@
# Translate music project
$(objdir)/%.s: tools/ src/%.pently
$^ > $@
$^ -o $@ --periods 76
# Rules for CHR ROM
BIN +0 Bytes (100%) pently.nes
Binary file not shown.
BIN -8 Bytes (100%) pently.nsf
Binary file not shown.

This file was deleted.

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@@ -6,6 +6,5 @@ Individual features
Attack channel (no pulse!)
Pently demo 0.05wip3
with refactored converter
Pently demo 0.05wip4
Copr. 2016 Damian Yerrick

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