@pinobatch pinobatch released this Feb 21, 2018 · 44 commits to master since this release

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This release adds several features useful for iterating on part of a piece, such as a visualizer, channel muting, seeking to rehearsal marks, and slow motion playback. It also adds an editor to create sound effects right on your console.

Engine changes

  • PENTLY_USE options to disable music engine entirely, disable 303 portamento, and enable triangle channel duty fix
  • Regression fix: Cancel injection when attack ends (had been broken since slow arps)
  • Cancel grace note when pattern begins
  • Add rehearsal transport control to skip to a row or slow down or pause playback
  • Add variable mix to mute tracks
  • Store current pitch and volume for use by visualizer

pentlyas.py changes

  • Add warning infrastructure
  • v1 through v4 as synonyms for pp through ff
  • p (pause) is synonym for r (rest)
  • q repeats last chord, as in LilyPond
  • Bar check in pattern to warn if not on a measure boundary
  • pickup works in patterns as well
  • Unreachable A in tunings below A=437 is nonfatal
  • mmloctaves off, which future chord syntax will require
  • Set rehearsal marks for navigation in score
  • Set initial playback position and track muting

NES shell changes

  • Add per-song screen with visualizer, rehearsal mark navigation, track muting, tempo, and pause-and-step
  • Import Sound Effects Editor as of 2014-09-10

Manual and other changes

  • Script to estimate pitch of 93-step noise
  • docs: Recalculate PENTLY_USE savings