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; UNROM driver for NES
; Copyright 2011-2015 Damian Yerrick
; Copying and distribution of this file, with or without
; modification, are permitted in any medium without royalty provided
; the copyright notice and this notice are preserved in all source
; code copies. This file is offered as-is, without any warranty.
.include "" ; implements a subset of the same interface
.import nmi_handler, reset_handler, irq_handler, bankcall_table
.segment "INESHDR"
.byt "NES",$1A ; magic signature
.byt 16 ; size of PRG ROM in 16384 byte units
.byt 0 ; size of CHR ROM in 8192 byte units
.byt $21 ; lower mapper nibble, vertical mirroring
.byt $00 ; upper mapper nibble
.segment "ZEROPAGE"
lastPRGBank: .res 1
lastBankMode: .res 1
bankcallsaveA: .res 1
; Each bank has 16384 bytes: 16368 for you to use as you wish and
; 16 for a piece of code that puts the mapper in a predictable state.
; This code needs to be repeated in all the banks because we don't
; necessarily know which bank is switched in at power-on or reset.
; On most discrete logic mappers (AOROM 7, BNROM 34, GNROM 66, and
; Crazy Climber UNROM 180), writing a value with bits 5-0 true
; (that is, $3F, $7F, $BF, $FF) switches in the last PRG bank, but
; it has to be written to a ROM address that has the same value.
.macro resetstub_in segname
.segment segname
ldx #$FF
stx $FFF2 ; Writing $80-$FF anywhere in $8000-$FFFF resets MMC1
jmp reset_handler
.addr nmi_handler, resetstub_entry, irq_handler
.segment "CODE"
resetstub_in "STUB15"
.segment "CODE"
; Changes $8000-$BFFF to point to a 16384 byte chunk of PRG ROM
; starting at $4000 * A.
.proc setPRGBank
sta lastPRGBank
sta identity16,y
; No-op
.proc setMMC1BankMode
; Inter-bank method calling system. There is a table of up to 85
; different methods that can be called from a different PRG bank.
; Typical usage:
; ldx #move_character
; jsr bankcall
.proc bankcall
sta bankcallsaveA
lda lastPRGBank
lda bankcall_table+2,x
jsr setPRGBank
lda bankcall_table+1,x
lda bankcall_table,x
lda bankcallsaveA
; Functions in the bankcall_table MUST NOT exit with 'rts'.
; Instead, they MUST exit with 'jmp bankrts'.
.proc bankrts
sta bankcallsaveA
jsr setPRGBank
lda bankcallsaveA
.segment "RODATA"
; To avoid bus conflicts, bankswitch needs to write a value
; to a ROM address that already contains that value.
.repeat 16, I
.byte I
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