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China, government leaders continue to reject Greater Israel one-state solution - PINotes
News> China, government leaders continue to reject Greater Israel one-state solution
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China, government leaders continue to reject Greater Israel one-state solution

March 23, 2017

Recent news coverage raises the topic of today's role of "elites" in the two-state solution. People called "elites" often include global investors and government leaders in countries with different class structures.

The International Business Times reported that China is still making statements supporting the two-state solution.(1) China is a capitalist country today; it is also state of more than a billion people, most of whom are exploited. Most of the exploitation is international, and the country that exploits the Chinese the most is the United States. The United $nakes doesn't have a proletariat. Amerikan support for the one-state solution has nothing to do with real socialism.

International investors and businesspeople are involved in exploiting both China and Arab countries. But, with diverse interests, both they and China have less reason to perpetuate the dangerous conditions in the Middle East than the United States does. The United States has lots of money to spend on aggravating and creating conflicts that are in their interests. It also has many people -- who cared more about things like Obamacare -- who got worked up about others' not voting for their preferred jingoistic, militaristic presidential candidate, a Democrat. Many consider voting in an election every four years the most important political action. Other Amerikans contribute to problems whether they verbally support the two-state solution or not. Various countries have an interest in supporting the two-state solution that the already dominant, powerful and wealthy United States does not have. They could and should pursue this solution in a way that involves spending less effort on trying to get Amerikans to agree with them.

Chinese media discussed China-Israel economic relations in the context of the two-state solution.(2) Like most countries in the world, China has recognized both Israel and the State of Palestine for years. Because of Chinese investment in Israel, China could be increasingly responsible for different Middle East situations. Yet, it may not need profits from Israeli arms sales to the degree others would if more attacks were to break out. China also has internal public opinion to think about if it might be perceived as being involved in an anti-Muslim war benefiting the Amerikans. There are far fewer Chinese Jews in Israel than there are settlers from Russia, but there are more than twenty million Muslims in China. The Muslim percentage in Russia, which supports the two-state solution, is also significant.

Chinese media also discussed Arab governments' continued support for the two-state solution.(3) There is no socialist country in the world today, and none of the other capitalist countries in the world are ahead of the Arabs in terms going beyond capitalism or neocolonialism. Whatever people want to say about Arab leaders, nobody should be especially critical of them in global media for not doing things Western leaders aren't doing. Arabs and Muslims should be criticized just like everyone else when they flatter the Amerikans or collaborate with them.

Some seem to criticize Arabs -- some of whom have already gone to war against Israel with thousands of casualties -- for not attacking Israel militarily. If anyone wants to say Palestine is an inextricably Arab nation or part of an Arab nation so that fellow Arabs have particular responsibility, they should go ahead and say that instead of supporting Israeli expansionism, assimilation in a non-Arab secular country, and psychological and cultural amalgamation with settlers. Obviously, nobody who connives with the Amerikans and right-wing settlers and opposes the two-state solution has a right to criticize Arabs for not doing more to support it. There are too many people trying to have things both ways.

There are also those -- antisemitic, Islamophobic and chauvinistic pieces of shit -- who just don't care if Arabs and Jews kill each other in large numbers.

In Israeli politics it is possible to both support the two-state solution verbally and support settlement construction and annexation in one way or another, but there is a sincere element among settler elites inside the Green Line that is against settlement and annexation of the West Bank. Someone at the Jerusalem Post, based in al-Quds, has found it necessary (or in keeping with JPost marketing) to draw attention to West Bank Palestinian youth supporting the two-state solution,(4) after Amerikans tried to use youth survey results to undermine the campaign to free Palestinian unity figure Marwan Barghouti.(5) (NPR had regurgitated what the same JPost contributor said.) Seemingly warning Israelis about what might happen if they don't support the two-state solution, the JPost Palestinian affairs correspondent quoted a Fatah leader. ""Today we are looking at a situation where negotiations have not led to much progress in the peace process and Gaza and the West Bank are divided," Said stated. "It should not be a surprise if young Palestinians change their thinking in the future, if the status quo prevails.""

The same writer for JPost recently said matter-of-factly: "Even though the Trump administration has not clearly stated if it supports a two-state solution, both the Egyptian and PA presidents have remained consistent in backing it as the only solution to the Israeli-Palestinian conflict."(6) Read that carefully. It contains a significant admission about both Amerikans and Arabs, relative to each other at least.

Besides these items, there was another instance in Israeli media of an Israeli with an intelligence background opposing West Bank occupation, settlement, or annexation.(7) Various people have noticed the obvious fact that the indigenous-to-settler ratio or settler percentage in Israel/Palestine (close to 1:1 now) isn't like what it is in Azania or the United States. Israeli institutions like the Mossad and the IDF are more secular than some might think, and there are both secular and religious patriotic Jewish Israelis who don't care about keeping the Jewish majority, but maybe there is someone there who can help. Saying such might be unnecessary if there were a settler proletariat that could help free Marwan Barghouti, for example, or there were fewer bought-off Arabs in Israel.

In the category of related news that might seem unrelated, Saudi Arabia is now dealing with a new 9/11 lawsuit, a credit downgrade ("Fitch's downgrade merely brought its rating closer to the other two major rating agencies"), and a loss of oil market share in China to Russia.(8) Saudi Arabia doesn't have a whole lot of wiggle room here, because of its own oil production cut agreements and interests. Maybe there is something else Saudi Arabia can offer instead of lower oil prices. If China has offered Saudi Arabia some deal involving a decrease in Amerikan influence, Saudi Arabia might want to take it.

China and Japan may be competing for an Aramco listing.(9) This may make Saudi Arabia's moving away from the United States easier. Also, Iranian Hajj travel would bring money to Saudi Arabia, and the Saudis need it. China is a friend of both Iran and Saudi Arabia, and for other reasons there is a basis for resisting the Amerikans' influence on the Palestinian issue.

Surveys have shown Palestinians supporting both Arab and EU leadership more than U.S. leadership in peace efforts, but if there is preference for the EU over a particular Arab country, for example, the Amerikans might be the cause. The conflicts between Iran and Saudi Arabia, caused by the Amerikans, have been making Palestinian unity more complicated. There must be more effort to resolve them in a way that doesn't favor the United $tates.

Iran and state solutions

One area in which there is no clear conflict is whether to support a non-Arab, non-Islamic one-state "solution." Iranian media has during the past several years raised the idea of supporting both a two-state solution, as a step toward something else, and a referendum.(10) It has supported the two-state solution relative to the status quo or no state for Palestine. Some have supported a one-state solution through a referendum in the context of "a Jewish homeland should be in Khazaria or somewhere else but not in Palestine" ("However, since other peoples now live in the territory that was once Khazaria, perhaps it wouldn't be a good idea for Ashkenazi Jews to move back to that region," "Or they could go to Russia and live in the Jewish Autonomous Oblast of the Russian Far East") and granting all of the Palestinians in the diaspora the right of return and the right to vote.(11) There has been a suggestion of returning to a demographic ratio that was about what existed in the mid- or early 1940s. "Then the region ["if all of the Palestinians in the diaspora returned"] would be approximately 64.86 percent Palestinian, 33.39 percent Jewish, and 1.75 percent others [in 2013]." The Iranian Leader has supported a referendum, referred to "all those who have a legitimate stake in the territory of Palestine," and suggested the Amerikans might not accept the results.(12) Referendum talk in Iran seems to emphasize Palestinian nation participation -- including Palestinian Jews -- or Palestinian diaspora participation if settlers participate.

A few days ago, Ayatollah Khameinei's website published an except of a 2014 Khamenei speech to reiterate support for a Palestinian referendum in a context of "the Israeli entity must be eliminated."(13) The Israeli entity, arguably not just Zionist rule. "We presented to the world the practical solution for this and no one could criticize it in a reasonable way. We said that a poll and a referendum should be conducted so that the people who live in, come from and belong to this region determine who should rule over it. We said that the people should resolve this issue." In order for there to be a referendum in the Gaza and the West Bank, or a referendum including both the Palestinian diaspora and various people in Israel, there would have to be progress on different issues -- progress that would be conducive to a two-state solution.

People in charge of Khamenei's website published an unclear article last month seemingly suggesting the two-state solution might be impossible, from the viewpoint of those who have accepted defeat in struggle against U.S. hegemony, because the United States opposes it, but the Khamenei speech excerpt clarified matters. "The Zionists could not tolerate someone like Yasser Arafat who compromised with them. They besieged, humiliated, poisoned and destroyed him. It is not the case that if we do not display power in the face of the Zionists, they will tolerate and show mercy to people and observe their rights. This is not the case at all. The only cure that exists before the Zionist regime is annihilated is that the Palestinians manage to act in a powerful way." That is in the same speech supporting a poll and a referendum. This could be a way of saying armed preparedness is needed to pursue progress, which might lead to a temporary two-state outcome, until the Palestinians and their allies can move finally to destroy the Israeli entity.

In any case, Palestinian opinion in the Gaza Strip and the West Bank is clear in favoring the two-state solution over Greater Israel. And Khamenei probably knows how Palestinians in Egypt, Lebanon, Jordan, Saudi Arabia and Syria would vote on specific questions.

Khamenei said in the 2014 speech, "Today, western imperialist powers - that is to say, a few large, rich and powerful western powers which are headed by America and malevolent England behind it - have stood firm in order to defend this usurping, oppressive and cold-hearted regime." In the context of Iran, there is a "camp" of "the government of the United States of America and its followers."

Clearly, the one-state solution via referendum that the Leader has suggested isn't the one-state solution, via settlement/annexation and Trump-ass-kissing, that some others are supporting.

The Palestinians and their allies are not yet in a position to make a final move to get some things to go back to how they were in 1947 before the UN partition recommendation, or 1917. It's not just that Palestinian nationalists, not just Zionists, today claim justification in Resolution 181. To destroy the Israeli entity, the United States needs to be weaker first. The emergence of a temporary but stable two-state outcome acceptable to a Palestinian majority would involve a decrease in U.S. dominance. To achieve the two-state solution, the Amerikans must be opposed. While public opinion is being built for Palestinians to be able to "show power" as Khamenei suggested, diplomatic moves are being made at the UN and elsewhere.(14)

Mahmoud Abbas' 82nd birthday is an few days, and Palestine's possible future president Marwan Barghouti is still in an I$raeli prison almost fifteen years after the I$raelis abducted em. Those concerned might want to do more about that. Freeing Marwan Barghout is a matter of supporting both the two-state solution and the Palestinian nation's self-determination. ◊

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More news:
"BDS founder Omar Barghouti arrested for tax evasion," 2017 March 21.

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