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Team Pins

We've started a small tradition here at Pinpoint where we celebrate a few milestones that we, as a team, get to experience together. These might be yearly anniversaries, a significant customer sale (or other fiscally-significant events), and/or team-centric celebrations.

Over time we should all have a handful of them to represent our time and our participation in the larger Pinpoint story.

Pin List

  1. Team Pin
  2. New Beginnings
  3. xxx

Team Pin

This pin sports our official brand and logo. It comes in a few different colors (Black #121212, Dark Gray #484850, Yellow #ff9900, Light Blue #0099cc, Dark Blue #274656) and two different styles: A complete circle or a cut-out:

Team Pin

Every single person who joins our team officially will get one! Just let us know your style!

New Beginnings

This was actually one of the very first pins that we created and it represents "new beginnings," a blank terminal that captures all the hope that we have in an scary-exciting, unknown future. If you've joined the Pinpoint family in 2017 then you'll have one of these. Read a few more additional thoughts via our blog post here.

New Beginnings