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With thanks to the Bahlai lab for the model and inspiration.

General project documentation

  1. Project components are all hosted in a repository on Github in the pinskylab organization.
  2. Declare a license in the README so people know how they can use your work (for example CC-BY 4.0)
  3. README includes project abstract or description
  4. README includes file navigation within repo, description of file contents
  5. README includes links to papers, preprints
  6. README Includes contact information for authors, and if data is proprietary, for data creators


Data used in support of the project must be:

  1. Saved in an appropriate, non-proprietary format with accompanying metadata
  2. In a public archive (e.g., the github repo or another public archive), or, if data is proprietary, a 'snapshot' version of the data used in the project must be saved in a private repository accessible to lab members
  3. Linked and briefly described in the project README


Code used or developed in support of the project must be:

  1. Well commented and complete
  2. On Github, in the public project repository
  3. Described in the README- what does each file do, what language was used, etc
  4. Tested! can at least one other person (but more is better) make your analysis go on a different computer?

Exit interview

Set up a time to talk with your mentor about:

  1. What was the best part of being here?
  2. What did you learn while you were here?
  3. Did you get the support you needed, or could we have been better at it?
  4. What can we improve for mentoring someone in your position in the future?

Write-up (for undergrads)

Write up a summary of your work with the following components:

  1. Goals of the project
  2. Methods
    • detailed enough that someone could replicate your work
    • explain any decisions you made and why
    • link to and describe the input data for the project
    • link to the project outputs
    • include descriptions of metadata, any column headers in data sheets
  3. Summary of findings
  4. Potential next steps (could be a starting point for you at a later point or someone else) The write-up can be a markdown document within your repository or a Google Doc. If you use a Google Doc, please link to it from the README within the repository, make sure the settings are such that anyone with the link can access it, and upload a saved pdf version to the repository.
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