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Welcome to the Pinsky Lab!

There are a few items to take care of now that you have joined the lab.

To Do List

  1. Join the Pinsky Lab Google Group mailing list.
  2. Connect to the Pinsky Lab Google Drive.
    • Click the "Shared with Me" link on the left.
    • Right click on the Pinsky Lab folder and select Add to My Drive. This will not affect the amount of storage available in your google drive.
  3. Read the Lab Code of Conduct.
  4. Read the Lab Data Management Policy.
  5. Write an Independent Development Planand share it with Malin.
  6. Download and begin to maintain a reference manager. We recommend Zotero, as the free software interfaces well with both Microsoft Word and Google Docs. Download Zotero and browser plugin here.

Computing Resources

There are several computing resources available to serve your research computing needs.

owner name number of cores memory
Pinsky Lab amphiprion 40 252G
SEBS annotate 72 500G
OARC-Pinsky node amarel 32 128G
OARC-Ecology node amarel 28 128G
OARC amarel ? ?
RDII caliburn 256 768G

Various lab members have differing levels of experience with each of these servers and can help you figure out what is best for your analysis. Amarel is a condo system. You only have to wait in line with other Pinsky Lab folks for the Pinsky node, you have to wait in line with other Ecology folks for the DEENR node, you have to wait in line with all of Rutgers folks for the other nodes. Caliburn is a proposal system. Only people who have submitted proposals and been approved have access to the resources. At the time of this document creation, the Pinsky Lab had access.

Guides and tutorials

  1. Pinsky Lab Cookbook is a resource of how to's put together by lab members to help you past the occasional obstacle that we all seem to run into.
  2. How to maintain a research notebook
  3. Command line tutorial and more help with the command line (Udacity)
  4. Git and GitHub tutorial (Udacity)
  5. Happy Git with R tutorial (outside tutorial)
  6. Learn R with swirl
  7. Take R to the next level
  8. Zotero Reference Manager Tutorial
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