A collection of utilities for creating/testing/experimenting with service workers.
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Service Worker Toolchain

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A collection of service worker generation tools. Configurable and forkable.

Includes the following packages


A node module for generating service worker files based on provided configuration options.


A webpack plugin for generating dynamic service worker files and a runtime helper.


A mock service worker environment generator. Used for testing service worker code.


There are several other packages that generate service workers (sw-precache, offline-plugin, etc). This collection of tools was built to allow more complexity while being fully testable, and allowing the generation of multiple service worker files simultaneously for experimentation/rollout. We chose not to use a templating language, but to instead inject globals into the scripts so that our "templates" were pure JavaScript. This makes it easier to test/read/update the code, with the downside of slightly larger output sizes. See the README in each package for more details.

We encourage forking of the base templates found in packages/generate-service-worker/templates/.


scripts description
yarn install install all dev dependencies
yarn test run the test suite
yarn run lint run eslint
yarn start run the demo for development testing

To get started contributing, run yarn start, which will run a webpack-devserver on localhost:3000. In demo/webpack.config.js you'll see the configurations used for the demo testing. Each experimental config can be accessed via the key query param (i.e. localhost:3000?key=withNotifications). This provides a simple way to install a new service worker for testing, and the corresponding generated code will be visible in the DOM itself thanks to highlight.js. Use the application tab in the devtools to verify that the service worker was installed. By setting debug: true in the plugin config, the devtools console can be used to verify actions are taking place.


Contributors ✌⊂(✰‿✰)つ✌

Some ideas for contributions:

  • Browserify plugin
  • Rollup plugin