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Singer logo   Singer Tutorial

This tutorial is to demo locally on how Singer works. In this tutorial, we use Singer to upload data in $SINGER_HOME/tutorial/sample_data to a local Kafka broker, and then tail the local kafka topics to see the uploaded messages and Singer heartbeats. The related Singer configurations are at $SINGER_HOME/tutorial/etc/singer.

Step 1: Build Singer binary

Run the following command under Singer home directory:

mvn clean package -pl singer -am -DskipTests

Step 2: Run downloads kafka binary, start a local zookeeper process and a kafka process, create kafka topics for this tutorial, and start Singer process.


Step 3: View the messages that Singer uploads shows the messages that uploaded by Singer to the local Kafka broker.


Step 4: View Singer Heartbeat messages allows us to view the heartbeat messages that Singer sends to Kafka. In this tutorial, we set the heartbeat interval as 10 seconds.


Singer heartbeat messages can be used for central Singer monitoring, alerting, and visualization.

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