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@pinterf pinterf released this Dec 27, 2017 · 287 commits to MT since this release

Avisynth+ r2580 (20171226)


  • (workaround): Merge: Visual Studio 2017 15.5.1/2 generated invalid AVX2 code (x86 crashed)
  • Temporalsoften 10-14 bits: an SSE 4.1 instruction was used for SSE2-only CPU-s (Illegal Instruction on Athlon XP)

Avisynth+ r2574 (20171219)


  • MaskHS created inverse mask. Regression after r2173
  • jitasm code generation at specific circumstances

modification, additions

  • Expr:
    • new: Indexable source clip pixels by relative x,y positions like x[-1,1]
    • new functions: sin cos tan asin acos atan
    • new operator: % (modulo)
    • new: Variables: uppercase letters A..Z for storing and reuse temporary results, frequently used computations.
    • new: predefined expr variables 'frameno', 'time', 'width', 'height'
    • fix: jitasm code generation at specific circumstances


  • Build: changed avisynth.h, strict C++ conformity with Visual Studio 2017 /permissive- flag
  • Installer (finally)
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