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@pinterf pinterf released this Apr 11, 2018 · 22 commits to master since this release

xy-VSFilter v3.1.0.800 (20180411)

A modification by pinterf:


  • Package contains VSFilter.dll and XySubFilter.dll (x86 and x64 versions)
  • VSFilter.DLL: Included Avisynth filters (name and parameter signature)
    VobSub "cs"
    TextSub "c[file]s[charset]i[fps]f[vfr]s"
    TextSubSwapUV "b"
    MaskSub "[file]s[width]i[height]i[fps]f[length]i[charset]i[vfr]s[pixel_type]s"
  • Warning by the XySubFilter- beta authors (on forum's 1st post, from 2015):
    "Note: XySubFilter requires a compatible subtitle consumer. We recommend madVR 0.87.5+ or MPC-HC 1.7.2+ (EVR-CP)
    After downloading XySubFilter BETA3, you must ensure to run the 'Install' bat (not only replace) or else
    XySubFilter's autoload helper required for entering the DirectShow graph with external subtitles will not be installed."

Change log:

  • v3.1.0.800 (20180411)
    -- apply XySubFilter-<->xy-VSFilter file differences
    -- get it work again under VS2017
    -- make VSFilter work again as an Avisynth plugin
    -- Versioning: 3.1.0 prefix is kept, build number goes from 800 and up for my mod manually in src/filters/transform/vsfilter/version_in.h

  • v3.0.0.400 (20180405) (work in February 2018)
    -- Get the last known xy-vsfilter version ( which worked as the Avisynth plugin.
    Plan: have a native 10/16 bit compatible Avisynth TextSub filter.
    -- xy-vsfilter rebuilt with Visual Studio 2017
    -- Avisynth+ headers
    -- Native support for YUV420P10 and YUV420P16 formats in Avisynth filter TextSub and probably VobSub.
    Internal conversion to and from P010 and P016 with SSE2 support
    -- Still doesn't work in any MT mode (I think): automatically registers itself as MT_SERIALIZED to prevent troubles
    -- Avisynth filter MaskSub: new pixel_type (default: "RGB32") parameter. Can be set to "YUV420P10" or "YUV420P16"
    -- Versioning: 3.0.0 prefix kept, build number goes from 400 and up for my mod manually in src/filters/transform/vsfilter/version_in.h


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