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(defpackage #:guarded-commands.test
(:use #:cl #:guarded-commands))
(in-package #:guarded-commands.test)
(define-task task-1 ()
"A task is a sequence of steps."
(let ((var nil))
(with-step "set variable"
(ensure var)
(using (setf var t))))
(let ((list (list 'a 'b 'c)))
(with-step "put 'b in list"
(ensure (member 'b list))
(using (push 'b list))
(sanity (listp list)))
(with-step "put 'd in list"
(ensure (member 'd list))
(using (push 'd list)))
(with-step "remove 'd from list"
(ensure (not (member 'd list)))
(using (setf list (remove 'd list))))
(with-step "assert all symbols"
(ensure (every #'symbolp list)))
(with-step "outer step"
(ensure (member 'e list))
(with-step "inner step"
(ensure (member 'f list))
(using (nconc list (list 'e 'f))))))))
#+(or) (task-1)
(defun task-2 ()
(let ((list (list)))
(with-step "init list"
(ensure (and (not (null list))
(listp list)))
(using (push 1 list)
(push 2 list)
(push 3 list))
(rollback (setf list :rolled-back)))
(with-step "fail at something"
(ensure (member 4 list))
(using :do-nothing))))
#+(or) (task-2)
(define-task task-3 ()
(let ((a nil))
(with-step "error in using"
(ensure a)
(using (error "oh noez!")
(setf a t)))))
#+(or) (task-3)
(define-task task-4 ()
(let ((a nil))
(handler-bind ((error #'continue))
(with-step "testing errors"
(ensure a)
(using (cerror "continue to complete step" nil)
(setf a t))))))
#+(or) (task-4)