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Camunda Modeler Plugin for inspecting JSON object tree of a diagram
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Compatible with Camunda Modeler version 3.3

A Camunda Modeler Plugin for inspecting JSON object tree of a diagram.

This plugins displays the JSON representative of the diagram XML, generated by bpmn-moddle. For those who ❤️ JSON and 👎🏻 XML.

Development Setup

Use npm, the Node.js package manager to download and install required dependencies:

npm install

To make the Camunda Modeler aware of your plug-in you must link the plug-in to the Camunda Modeler plug-in directory via a symbolic link. Available utilities to do that are mklink /d on Windows and ln -s on MacOS / Linux.

Re-start the app in order to recognize the newly linked plug-in.

Building the Plug-in

You may spawn the development setup to watch source files and re-build the client plug-in on changes:

npm run dev

Given you've setup and linked your plug-in as explained above, you should be able to reload the modeler to pick up plug-in changes. To do so, open the app's built in development toos via F12. Then, within the development tools press the reload shortcuts CTRL + R or CMD + R to reload the app.

To prepare the plug-in for release, executing all necessary steps, run:

npm run all

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