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Distributed RTC System by pure Go and Flutter
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ION is a distributed RTC system written by pure go and flutter

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  • Distributed Node

    • Standalone BIZ/ISLB and SFU node

    • Message Queue by NATS

    • SFU by Pure GO

    • MCU (WIP)

    • SFU<-->SFU relay (WIP)

    • High Performance (WIP)

    • Media Streaming

      • WebRTC stack
      • SIP stack (WIP)
      • RTP/RTP over KCP
      • JitterBuffer
        • Nack
        • PLI
        • Lite-REMB
        • Transport-CC(WIP)
        • Anti-Loss-Package 30%+
  • SDK

    • Flutter SDK
    • JS SDK
  • Demo


  • adwpc - Original Author - ion server
  • cloudwebrtc - Original Author - ion server and client sdk
  • kangshaojun - Contributor UI - flutter and react.js
  • Sean-Der - ion server and docker


Projects Welcome contributing to ion!


Stargazers over time




How to use

Local Deployment

1. clone

git clone

2. run

docker-compose up

3. chat

Open this url with chrome


Online Deployment

1. clone

git clone

2. set env

export WWW_URL=yourdomain
export ADMIN_EMAIL=yourname@yourdomain

3. run

docker-compose up

3. chat

Open this url with chrome


Docker Tips

The provided docker-compose works for deploying to open usage, and can also be used for local development. It also supports auto-generate of certificates via LetsEncrypt.

It accepts the following enviroment variables.

  • WWW_URL -- Public URL if auto-generating certificates
  • ADMIN_EMAIL -- Email if auto-generating certificates

To run on you would run docker-compose up

If WWW_URL is set you will access via https://yourip:8080 OR http://yourip:8080 if not running with TLS enabled.

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