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Pion TURN server, a simple extendable Golang TURN server
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An extendable TURN server written in Go

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A TURN server written in Go that is designed to be scalable, extendable and embeddable out of the box. For simple use cases it only requires downloading 1 static binary, and setting 3 options.

See for the the features it offers, and future goals.

Quick Start

If you want just a simple TURN server with a few static usernames simple-turn will perfectly suit your purposes. If you have custom requirements such as a database proceed to extending.

simple-turn is a single static binary, and all config is driven by environment variables. On a fresh Linux AWS instance these are all the steps you would need.

$ wget -q
$ chmod +x simple-turn-linux-amd64
$ export USERS='user=password foo=bar'
$ export
$ export UDP_PORT=3478
$ ./simple-turn-linux-amd64

To explain what every step does

  • Download simple-turn for Linux x64, see release for other platforms
  • Make it executable
  • Configure auth, in the form of USERNAME=PASSWORD USERNAME=PASSWORD with no limits
  • Set your realm, this is the public URL or name of your server
  • Set the port you listen on, 3478 is the default port for TURN

That is it! Then to use your new TURN server your WebRTC config would look like

{ iceServers: [{
  urls: "turn:YOUR_SERVER"
  username: "user",
  credential: "password"

If you are using Windows you would set these values in Powershell by doing. Also make sure your firewall is configured properly.

> $env:USERS = "user=password foo=bar"
> $env:REALM = ""
> $env:UDP_PORT = 3478


See simple-turn

pion-turn can be configured by implementing these callbacks and by passing these arguments

All that simple-turn does is take environment variables, and then uses the same API.


For developing a Dockerfile is available with features like hot-reloads, and is meant to be volume mounted. Make sure you also have in your path, or you can exclude the second volume mount.

This is only meant for development, see demo-conference to see TURN usage as a user.

docker build -t turn .
docker run -v $(pwd):/usr/local/src/ -v $(pwd)/../pkg:/usr/local/src/ turn

Currently only Linux is supported until Docker supports full (host <-> container) networking on Windows/OSX





Pion has an active community on the Golang Slack. Sign up and join the #pion channel for discussions and support. You can also use Pion mailing list.

We are always looking to support your projects. Please reach out if you have something to build!


Check out the to join the group of amazing people making this project possible:


MIT License - see for full text

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