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Beyond Heretic

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The Pion team is excited to announce the v2.1.0 release of Pion WebRTC. This release represents 3 months of feature development and testing across a variety of Pion projects. The headline features are:

TURN Support

Thanks to @enobufs Pion WebRTC now has full TURN support. This has been tested against multiple Open Source and hosted TURN providers.


@hugoArregui has added support for webrtc-stats. This initial implementation collects stats related to the PeerConnection, DataChannels, ICECandidates and ICECandidatePairs. The status and remaining work is being tracked in #610

mDNS Host Candidates

WebRTC has added mDNS candidates to help with privacy when using WebRTC, you can read the RFC here. We are able to parse and connect to these candidates. Currently we don't generate them, but in the future we will make this controllable by the user.


Pion WebRTC now implements a virtual network layer. You can read more about it here. This feature allows people to construct networks that only exist in software. This will allow users to simulate real world network conditions simulating NATs, packet loss, bandwidth and jitter without every actually sending a packet. Thanks to this feature written by @enobufs we have fixed multiple bugs in pion/turn and pion/ice already!

Trickle ICE

Trickle ICE is now available! This is controlled by the SettingEngine. We will make this the default in Pion v3 since it is a breaking change, and is not apparent to the user via an API change. Thank you @trivigy and @hugo for all your work on this.