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Minnesota Legislature vote mapper

A set of R scripts written by the St. Paul Pioneer Press that will take a roll call vote from the Minnesota House of Representatives or the Minnesota Senate and produce a map showing how each member voted:

To set up this system, you must do the following after installing R and RStudio:

  • Install the relevant packages: install.packages("maptools", "RColorBrewer", "rgdal", "dplyr", "plotrix", "googlesheets")
  • Create a copy of this Google Sheet in your own Google Drive. Make sure the name is the same, "#mnleg Vote Tracker"
  • Input votes on the Vote Input tab of your new sheet. This will likely have to be done manually. Votes must be one of the following three formats: "Y", "N" or "Absent"; both are case- and space-sensitive.
  • Set your working directory to the folder containing housevotetracker.R, senvotetracker.R, housemap and senatemap
  • Run either senvotetracker.R or housevotetracker.R, depending on which chamber you want to map
  • Execute the function for the appropriate chamber. In the case of the Senate, you would type: senvotetracker("Title", "Vote description", "Vote date")
    • "Title" should be one or two words; if not beginning with a proper noun it should begin with a lowercase letter
    • "Vote description" should be a short- to medium-length sentence describing the vote
    • "Vote date" must be in a specific format: "YYYY-MM-DD". For example, "2017-09-01" for Sept. 1, 2017.
    • For example, for the example map above, the code to generate that map once the proper votes are entered in the spreadsheet would be: housevotetracker("accepting Senate Sunday Sales bill", "By concurring, House sends Sunday liquor sales to the governor", "2017-03-02")
  • The first time you run the script, you might need to authorize Google Sheets to talk to R via a browser window

The output image will save in your working directory as a .png.

Best practices:

  • If you encounter any errors, make sure you haven't made any typos in the spreadsheet, such as typing a space after "Y" or "N"
  • The script pulls votes based on what's in the Vote Input tab of the Google Sheet. Once you've mapped a vote, archive your roll call in the 2017 Senate Archive or 2017 House Archive sheets
  • Do not edit the Senate or House tabs
  • Be as descriptive as possible given space constraints in your title and description
  • If your title or description runs off the page or overlaps other elements, shorten them

This code is released under an MIT License. Please review the terms before using, copying, modifying or distributing the code.