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Welcome to the PiE Central Repo!

PiE Logo

Build Status

What is the Central Repo?

PieCentral is the central repository that hosts all kit software projects:

  • Hibike: our lightweight communications protocol designed for passing sensor data with the PiE robotics kit.
  • Dawn: our cross-platform frontend for the PiE robotics control system.
  • Runtime: the code that handles communication, state, and student code execution.
  • DevOps: oversees the deployment pipeline from GitHub to Travis CI to Beaglebone boards.
  • Shepherd: our full-stack field control software used during the competition.

If you want to learn more about these projects, check out their directories!

Contributing to PieCentral

Note: You don't have to fork! Instead, make your own branch in the central repo once you join the organization.

Setting up PieCentral

$ cd "<directory of your choice>"
$ git clone
$ cd PieCentral

Creating a Branch

Follow the naming convention <project>/<feature>. Without the <project> name, your branch will not be built by Travis. Feel free to name the <feature> anything or use more slashes.

Examples: dawn/UDPintegration, runtime/andy/UDPintegration

$ git checkout master  # Switch to default `master` branch
$ git checkout -b "<project>/<feature>"  # Create and switch to feature branch
$ git push -u origin "<project>/<feature>"

Adding new code to master

Make sure any local changes to your code is pushed to your branch.

$ git add "<file1>" "<file2>"
$ git commit -m "<description>"
$ git push  # Pushes to `origin/<project>/<feature>` because of `-u` flag earlier

Open a pull request to master. Code will be reviewed by PMs.

Code will be rebased onto master. (Choose "Squash and Merge" instead of "Create a merge commit".) Make sure when merging your pull request you include a useful commit header and message.