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@Brianetta Brianetta Removed HTML files. Working with just the markdown now. 0b72963
@Brianetta Brianetta Updated console screenshot. 7495776
@Brianetta Brianetta New icons... still need to update console screenshot. b731c69
@Brianetta Brianetta HTML table required. 8fbef3b
@Brianetta Brianetta Generate markdown 8682cc6
@Brianetta Brianetta View button 7d30aae
@Brianetta Brianetta Start describing the four buttons. 7e5fed7
@Brianetta Brianetta I don't like my P tags to be on lines of their own. ee11292
@Brianetta Brianetta Heads up display 8349262
@Brianetta Brianetta Less of the third person, I think cf573c6
@Brianetta Brianetta Auto-generated markdown from new HTML files dcf0050
@Brianetta Brianetta content into templates 5b31821
@Brianetta Brianetta New templates 9df3382
@Brianetta Brianetta Keyboard shortcuts for console added 3ad5334
@Brianetta Brianetta Some text about consoles 6e0b0b8
@Brianetta Brianetta Small typo in html doctype e43dbd2
@Brianetta Brianetta Console started... along with an illustration, which might or might not work. e86f503
@Brianetta Brianetta Adding the bit about the console 94b3cc3
@Brianetta Brianetta Thought I might mention that the player will crash if they launch then do nothing. 198cd4d
Brian Ronald Generated 4cbb08f
Brian Ronald README change e158e02
Brian Ronald Strict HTML, not transitional. ffc2a4f
Brian Ronald Correcting HTML, and re-testing pandoc output (using HTML file as source, markdown as output) da96dde
Brian Ronald Testing pandoc output (using HTML file as source, markdown as output) 9e05982
Brian Ronald HTML added 33e0b11
Brian Ronald More bold f0e64b2
Brian Ronald More bold a9c5cac
Brian Ronald Bold test 7ab302b
Brian Ronald Trying to get bullets working 597234e
Brian Ronald Trying to get bullets working 74d6e59
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