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// Copyright © 2008-2018 Pioneer Developers. See AUTHORS.txt for details
// Licensed under the terms of the GPL v3. See licenses/GPL-3.txt
#ifndef _GEOSPHERE_H
#define _GEOSPHERE_H
#include <SDL_stdinc.h>
#include "vector3.h"
#include "Random.h"
#include "Camera.h"
#include "galaxy/StarSystem.h"
#include "graphics/RenderState.h"
#include "graphics/Material.h"
#include "terrain/Terrain.h"
#include "GeoPatchID.h"
#include "BaseSphere.h"
#include <deque>
namespace Graphics { class Renderer; }
class SystemBody;
class GeoPatch;
class GeoPatchContext;
class SQuadSplitRequest;
class SQuadSplitResult;
class SSingleSplitResult;
#define NUM_PATCHES 6
class GeoSphere : public BaseSphere {
GeoSphere(const SystemBody *body);
virtual ~GeoSphere();
virtual void Update() override;
virtual void Render(Graphics::Renderer *renderer, const matrix4x4d &modelView, vector3d campos, const float radius, const std::vector<Camera::Shadow> &shadows) override;
virtual double GetHeight(const vector3d &p) const override final {
const double h = m_terrain->GetHeight(p);
#ifdef DEBUG
// XXX don't remove this. Fix your fractals instead
// Fractals absolutely MUST return heights >= 0.0 (one planet radius)
// otherwise atmosphere and other things break.
if (h < 0.0) {
Output("GetHeight({ %f, %f, %f }) returned %f\n", p.x, p.y, p.z, h);
assert(h >= 0.0);
#endif /* DEBUG */
return h;
static void Init();
static void Uninit();
static void UpdateAllGeoSpheres();
static void OnChangeDetailLevel();
static bool OnAddQuadSplitResult(const SystemPath &path, SQuadSplitResult *res);
static bool OnAddSingleSplitResult(const SystemPath &path, SSingleSplitResult *res);
// in sbody radii
virtual double GetMaxFeatureHeight() const override final { return m_terrain->GetMaxHeight(); }
bool AddQuadSplitResult(SQuadSplitResult *res);
bool AddSingleSplitResult(SSingleSplitResult *res);
void ProcessSplitResults();
virtual void Reset() override;
inline Sint32 GetMaxDepth() const { return m_maxDepth; }
void AddQuadSplitRequest(double, SQuadSplitRequest*, GeoPatch*);
void BuildFirstPatches();
void CalculateMaxPatchDepth();
inline vector3d GetColor(const vector3d &p, double height, const vector3d &norm) const {
return m_terrain->GetColor(p, height, norm);
void ProcessQuadSplitRequests();
std::unique_ptr<GeoPatch> m_patches[6];
struct TDistanceRequest {
TDistanceRequest(double dist, SQuadSplitRequest *pRequest, GeoPatch *pRequester) :
mDistance(dist), mpRequest(pRequest), mpRequester(pRequester) {}
double mDistance;
SQuadSplitRequest *mpRequest;
GeoPatch *mpRequester;
std::deque<TDistanceRequest> mQuadSplitRequests;
static const uint32_t MAX_SPLIT_OPERATIONS = 128;
std::deque<SQuadSplitResult*> mQuadSplitResults;
std::deque<SSingleSplitResult*> mSingleSplitResults;
bool m_hasTempCampos;
vector3d m_tempCampos;
Graphics::Frustum m_tempFrustum;
static RefCountedPtr<GeoPatchContext> s_patchContext;
virtual void SetUpMaterials() override;
RefCountedPtr<Graphics::Texture> m_texHi;
RefCountedPtr<Graphics::Texture> m_texLo;
enum EGSInitialisationStage {
EGSInitialisationStage m_initStage;
Sint32 m_maxDepth;
#endif /* _GEOSPHERE_H */