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Divarin commented Apr 15, 2012

During alpha 20 I spent some time exploring and found some systems with interesting names (Aol, Bean, Eden, ...)
I even saw a "Lave", an uninhabited system.

So after alpha 21 was released with an intentionally placed Lave I went back to see if the procedurally placed one was still there. It can be found at 26, -27, -8


gernot66 commented Apr 15, 2012

friend guess how many systems are in pioneers galaxy (i have no idea, especially now as we have this thickness)
billions won't be enough, expect endless duplicates of system names.

that's perhaps a small leak, but if you think logically not to solve at all.

i guess you will find "Lave" a thousend times, if that is enough.

names are generated from syllables ("la", "ve", "qu", "es", "ti", "an", "can" and so on), you can have really a lot of them (limited to "sounding" ones), still duplicates are more then only possible.

Divarin commented Apr 16, 2012

That's what I figured.


robn commented Apr 16, 2012

I'm not concerned generally with duplicates - its to be expected. A larger variety of word fragments to choose from would be nice though. Also iirc there's the odd occasion where the same system name is used twice within a couple of sectors, which suggests the seed is not varied enough. It'd be good to fix that if anyone can provide a test case.


impaktor commented Apr 3, 2014

...which suggests the seed is not varied enough

The random number part has been changed since this issue was posted I believe.

I'm not concerned generally with duplicates - its to be expected.


impaktor closed this Apr 3, 2014

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