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Whenever I attempt to grab a screen shot using CTRL+Print Screen on my laptop the game crashes to desktop everytime. No error warning and nothing in the log to indicate anything is wrong. It is possible that this is down to my lap top but I don't that this issue in any other game/program.

Any chance of allocating screenshot grabbing to another set of keys?


Brianetta commented Jul 18, 2012

You need to tell us which operating system and desktop environment you're using.

Apologies Brianetta, it's windows vista 32bit on an old advent 8117 laptop with 2GB ram. This is more an inconvenience than a problem as I have to use print screen and Alt-Tab to mspaint to paste the image each time but it may impact others I guess. Marcel confirmed it does not happen to him (but I don't know what platform he uses to be honest).

I can confirm that this does not happen on my work pc which is a dell optiplex 745 running windows 7 with 4GB. That said all I do get is a .png file but it is just a big black square image with no detail? would that be due to the crappy gfx card?


Brianetta commented Jul 18, 2012

You should be able to take a screenshot with Ctrl+* if you have a keypad with a * key.

I have no keypad on the laptop but I'll try the CTRL+Shift+8 and the CTRL+Fnc+k (or whatever the correct key is that replicated the keypad on the laptop) when I get home in an hour or so.

ok tried the CTRL+Fn+0 (which is the same as the numeric *) and the game still crashes to desktop on the laptop with no error messages or output to the log file.


Brianetta commented Jul 18, 2012

So, we've probably ruled out keystroke conflicts.


walterar commented Jul 18, 2012

Metamartian, do not waste time. Lower the latest Pioneer and keep it clean. :)


Really worth it.


Luomu commented Jul 19, 2012

@Metamartian what resolution are you using?

If you want to try for comparison, here is Pioneer built with Visual Studio: https://github.com/downloads/Luomu/pioneer/pioneer-7f77.7z (it's just the exe + VS build specific DLLs, no game data directory)
This is the first screenshot crash I have heard of since #645 was fixed. It did not occur in official release builds since they are not built using visual studio and use a different png library.
If screenshots does not crash with that .exe, that would be interesting, although probably not much help at fixing this problem.

@Luomu Hi, the resolution used on the laptop is 1440x900. I'll download and give the VS exe a whack later tonight when I get home.

*Edit, how do i use this .exe do I need to download and install Visual Studio or should this run independently?


Luomu commented Jul 19, 2012

Just copy it into your pioneer directory.
You might need to install this: https://www.microsoft.com/en-us/download/details.aspx?id=5555
A lot of applications need it so you might have it already.

right I downloaded and installed the re-distributable and extracted the zip file you provided into my pioneer folder (11 dll files and the pioneer.exe). on double clicking the .exe it straight away says pioneer.exe has stopped working. in the stderr.txt it only says this..

string file 'lang/English.txt' has missing tokens:


johnbartholomew commented Aug 9, 2012

Is this screenshot crash still happening with the latest nightly?


Luomu commented Jan 29, 2013

@Metamartian ping - does this happen with latest nightly?

sorry, i'd forgot all about this. i have a different laptop now and this no longer happens so...

@Luomu Luomu closed this Feb 10, 2013

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