Long station names written on stations may overlap #3741

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Wuzzy2 commented Jun 26, 2016

If a space station or space port has a long name, and that long name is written on the space station itself, it can happen that it is so long that it overlaps.
The text (oddly) floating above the station.

I have an example for you: Fortress Kontominas in Essa (2,8,-17).

As you see, the “F” and the “s” are floating around.


Possible soulutions:

  • Don't generate names this long
  • Smaller font
  • Line break

@fluffyfreak thoughts?


Line breaks, or smaller font, when we detect it does out of bounds I'd guess.

There's the question of how we notice that...


What if the label tag would have a character limit in it's name?


That's one option, or perhaps auto-abbreviating common words like "Fortress" down to "Fort" or "F't"

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