wheels up audio should continue upon hyperspace countdown initiation #3804

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Observed behaviour

"wheels up" audio cuts out upon initiation of hyperspace countdown,

instead of

Expected behaviour

"wheels up" audio continues during countdown, only cutting out upon initiation of hyperspace jump

  • if it even should cut out at all then either.
  • a bonus nice touch would be some kind audio distortion upon jump, if the sound was still playing at that moment
    -- like a very plush echoing-down-the-drain effect, or
    -- like a simple pitch (and speed) increase.

Steps to reproduce

after taking off, hit f6 (or clicking wheels up button), and while the sound is playing, with a destination selected to jump to, hit f7 (or clicking the hyperspace button),
wheels up audio cutting out upon initiating hyperspace countdown is jarring and ruins suspension of disbelief.

My pioneer version (and OS):
running pioneer-20160814-linux64:

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