purchase equip mass cuts out of view in lower resolution #3805

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Digit commented Sep 7, 2016 edited

Observed behaviour

weight / mass / tonnage of equipment in ship equipment purchase screen cuts out in 800x600 resolution, able to see some 1 digit equipment masses able to see two pixels of the t.

like thus: http://ks392457.kimsufi.com/stuff/scrots/2016-09-07-074043_798x598_scrot.png
and here's the opengl.txt from pioneer config dir: http://ks392457.kimsufi.com/stuff/opengl.txt

Expected behaviour

see mass of equip regardless of number of digits, and able to see the t, even in low resolutions.

Steps to reproduce

reduce resolution to 800x600.
(not sure if system font is involved, causing this)

My pioneer version (and OS):
running pioneer-20160814-linux64:

impaktor commented Sep 7, 2016

Sadly, there's no one-size-fits all. I hope the new-new-UI/imgui floating windows will fix it.

walterar commented Sep 7, 2016

@Digit You have two ways to solve this.

  1. Download and apply this mod: https://sourceforge.net/projects/pioneersp/files/TuningMods/fonts43-pioneer-vanilla-mod.zip/download

  2. Edit config.ini and change the value of UIScaleFactor=1 to UIScaleFactor=0.8

impaktor commented Sep 9, 2016

...or fixed by imgui soon by @ecraven I hope, so no need to waste time on code to be kicked out.

@Digit you can uplad images directly to github, no need to link to outside source.

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