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@Web-eWorks Web-eWorks released this Feb 3, 2020

Another year, another busy Pioneer development cycle. As always, you can read the full Changelog to see all of the work that's been done, but this time we're listing out some of the major improvements.

Major changes and new features

  • Atmospheric flight - initial implementation of atmospheric lift and drag
  • Manual player face generator
  • Custom Wolf 359 system added
  • Remove rings around Venus and Ariel
  • Exposed more game inputs to the new Input system
  • Improve "Continue" button
  • Many UI fixes and improvements, and moving to pigui:
    • Shipmarket, Save/Load windows, lobby, commodity- & equipment market, InfoView, Shipinfo, and PersonalView
  • Ship warning system also detects missiles
  • Reworked and sped up calculations for displaying body / ship names in World View
  • Restore features lost in code migration
  • Add more station names
  • Game start date relative current date
  • Make windows installer remove old install
  • Music upgrade
  • Star rendering optimisation
  • Basic Atmospheric heating re-enabled
  • Gracefully handle destroyed target ships in SAR missions
  • Input/settings system now available in translation system
  • Add instructions on building pioneer with CMake and MSYS2
  • Use SDL2's AudioDevice APIs for sound handling to reduce likelihood of crashes and unexpected behavior
  • Moved Lua's Vector2 / Vector3 implementations to C++ to speed up math-heavy Lua code


  • Fix flickering ships in orbit view
  • Fix flight UI direction and vector indicators
  • Fix crash on main menu
  • Fix middle mouse not working in paused mode
  • Fix memory-leak in German language
  • Fix memory-leak when saving
  • Fix calculation of latitude and longitude for PlanetaryInfo
  • Fix bug causing segmentation fault
  • Fix midhyperjump game crash
  • Fix medical emergency mission
  • Fix transparency on menu items
  • Fix game load crash with unattached hyperspace clouds
  • Fix game load crash typo
  • Fix an error preventing keybinding when joysticks are disabled
  • Fixes loading old SGM models
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Nov 17, 2019
Merge pull request #4736 from fluffyfreak/update-vs-etc
Update vs etc

@impaktor impaktor released this Oct 9, 2019

Just a test.

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  • 20190203
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@fluffyfreak fluffyfreak released this Feb 3, 2019

One year since last build release, tagging and marking this as a release. Please see the change log for what's new, modified, improved, or nerfed. Enjoy!

(Also, alternative linux32 and linux64 download here)

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