Coworking space management app logging opening times and props in Slack
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Launchpad App

Launchpad App dashboard displaying the current ranking, latest props as well as opening times

This app logs when our coworking space called Launchpad is open/closed. It also reads our slack channel and mimics the behavior of Growbot, i.e. reading props @user for cleaning up.


  • Fork the repo
  • Clone it onto your pc
  • Install the dependencies with Composer
  • Fill out the .env file (ask @lorey for API keys)
  • Run php artisan migrate (or rather php artisan migrate --seed for development to get initial data)
  • Import the first rankings


If you want to help or have any questions, you can find the developers in our slack in the #app channel:

Slack Status

Issues for beginners are marked with the tag help wanted: View all issues for beginners

Import props and update rankings

You have three options:

  1. Add * * * * * php /patch/to/project/artisan schedule:run >> /dev/null 2>&1 to cron for automatic imports every minute.
  2. Import from terminal once by executing php artisan schedule:run.
  3. Import from web by opening http://{your-url}/slack.