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MHacks X project
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MHacks X project

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Post your items you want to sell here

Here at SlickMarketplace, we're proud to stand behind Slick Resale, an online platform for student to buy and sell items, particularly textbooks. We found that lots of universities were still using Facebook groups to sell. Thus, we wanted to build a true searchable repository where people could easily post and research items with the kinds of filters you'd expect of a modern shopping interface.

Streamlining the buying process was something we wanted to devote a lot of time to, so our team built an image recognition system such that when students take a picture of their textbooks, we can recognize what they are, what the edition is, and estimate the resale value by comparing to existing/past listings on websites like Amazon and eBay.

A lot of the friction in selling is that students don't know how to price their item, and may severely underprice (and sell immediately, but lose out on money) or overprice (and never sell). Thus, we see our tool as a helpful third party appraiser that assists in the buying process - eventually, we see the ML/Image recognition becoming a virtual valet, if you will, to help you sell smarter.

We utilized Twilio to verify users (so we avoid the scamminess of something like Craigslist). We utilized Coinbase as the current pay function such that individuals could pay/receive bitcoin for their goods - an easy, painless way to get more bitcoin into the hands of students (more effective than airdrops because students get a chance to earn some that otherwise may not have been interested/aware prior to using the platform).

We envision having enough data on second-hand resale value of items to actually understand brand sentiment (nobody wants Blackberry phones anymore, value is only 5% of MSRP face value) which we could then use to create actionable insights to perhaps trade (blackrock api!) and pick some winners/ avoid some losers that do particularly well in resale value of products. This data we think would also help companies that really only see first-hand sales (ex: Apple with their certified retailers) and thus by providing good data vis on pricing trends over time of depreciating goods and bid/ask spreads between what sellers and buyers want to offer, we can help visualize demand/supply curves to better help companies price their prodcuts in the first place.

Definitely play around with the item recognition, let us know if there's something we can't classify! :)

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