Oracle Simulation ASH
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Oracle Simulation ASH

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Change log:

Change Log:

2.3.1 repo_schema.sql

  • new column in sashX table - osuser varchar2(30)
  • new column in sash_event_names - event_id number
  • change in v$active_session_history view definition for following columns qc_instance_id,qc_session_id,qc_session_serial#


  • changes related to new columns


  • using DBID as a part of job name
  • support for same database name on different hosts

installation script

  • fix of hardcoded sash schema
  • some other minor fixes

If you want to keep old data with new version of sash you need to do all 3 changes from repo_schema.sql manually.


This version of S-ASH is collecting event histograms, OS statistics from Oracle and sys time model.

v$active_session_history is still a main view but the following AWR views are now simulated:

  • dba_hist_snapshot
  • dba_hist_sysmetric_history
  • dba_hist_sqlstat
  • dba_hist_active_sess_history
  • dba_hist_event_histogram
  • dba_hist_sys_time_model

File changes:


  • fix for duplicated sql_id / plan_hash for RAC monitoring
  • view SASH_PLAN_TABLE moved from repo_schema.sql


  • fix for hostname with dash
  • collect_osstat - new procedure to collect v$osstat
  • collect_sys_time_model - new procedure to collect v$sys_time_model
  • collect_event_histogram - new procedure to collect v$event_histogram


  • fix for hostname with dash


  • add inst_num column to sash_target table
  • all views are using dbid and inst_num - so if you want to consolidate results from RAC use raw sash tables
  • split views to other file
  • sash_sqlstats and sash_event_histogram have a "poor man" paritioning

switchdb.sql / current.sql

  • instance switch added

upgarde: TODO from 2.3.1 to 2.4 without data loss

Number of metric changed - steps to run if you upgraded from lower version

PROD_SASH@XE > delete from sash_sysmetric_names where dbid = ;

21 rows deleted.

PROD_SASH@XE > commit;

Commit complete.

PROD_SASH@XE > exec sash_pkg.get_metrics('<db_link>')

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

PROD_SASH@XE > select * from sash_sysmetric_names where dbid = ;