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Oracle Simulation ASH
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Oracle Simulation ASH

Project home page -

Change log:

Change Log:


12c support added, multiuser support - default DBID is used to limit output of v$active_session_history to one database only. There is one default DBID per schema but each session temporary switch DBID to other database using sessdb.sql script. Default database for all users an be changed using switchdb.sql, all issues related to rc1 fixed

File changes:

  • sessdb.sql - new file - switch DBID in session
  • sash_pkg.sql, sash_repo.sql - changes realted to multiuser support
  • adddb.sql - changes related to 12c DB


This version of S-ASH is collecting event histograms, OS statistics from Oracle and sys time model.

v$active_session_history is still a main view but the following AWR views are now simulated:

  • dba_hist_snapshot
  • dba_hist_sysmetric_history
  • dba_hist_sqlstat
  • dba_hist_active_sess_history
  • dba_hist_event_histogram
  • dba_hist_sys_time_model

File changes:


  • fix for duplicated sql_id / plan_hash for RAC monitoring
  • view SASH_PLAN_TABLE moved from repo_schema.sql


  • fix for hostname with dash
  • collect_osstat - new procedure to collect v$osstat
  • collect_sys_time_model - new procedure to collect v$sys_time_model
  • collect_event_histogram - new procedure to collect v$event_histogram


  • fix for hostname with dash


  • add inst_num column to sash_target table
  • all views are using dbid and inst_num - so if you want to consolidate results from RAC use raw sash tables
  • split views to other file
  • sash_sqlstats and sash_event_histogram have a "poor man" paritioning

switchdb.sql / current.sql

  • instance switch added

2.3.1 repo_schema.sql

  • new column in sashX table - osuser varchar2(30)
  • new column in sash_event_names - event_id number
  • change in v$active_session_history view definition for following columns qc_instance_id,qc_session_id,qc_session_serial#


  • changes related to new columns


  • using DBID as a part of job name
  • support for same database name on different hosts

installation script

  • fix of hardcoded sash schema
  • some other minor fixes

If you want to keep old data with new version of sash you need to do all 3 changes from repo_schema.sql manually.

upgarde: TODO from 2.3.1 to 2.4 without data loss

Number of metric changed - steps to run if you upgraded from lower version

PROD_SASH@XE > delete from sash_sysmetric_names where dbid = ;

21 rows deleted.

PROD_SASH@XE > commit;

Commit complete.

PROD_SASH@XE > exec sash_pkg.get_metrics('')

PL/SQL procedure successfully completed.

PROD_SASH@XE > select * from sash_sysmetric_names where dbid = ;



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