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test: Test notmuch new with a broken symlink

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1 parent 6d44c5a commit 72c944655f9bc29809dc2f64d206d942d2198f6f @aclements aclements committed with bremner May 24, 2012
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@@ -136,6 +136,16 @@ output=$(NOTMUCH_NEW)
test_expect_equal "$output" "Added 1 new message to the database."
+test_begin_subtest "Broken symlink aborts"
+ln -s does-not-exist "${MAIL_DIR}/broken"
+output=$(NOTMUCH_NEW 2>&1)
+test_expect_equal "$output" \
+"Error reading directory ${MAIL_DIR}/broken: No such file or directory
+Note: A fatal error was encountered: Something went wrong trying to read or write a file
+No new mail."
+rm "${MAIL_DIR}/broken"
test_begin_subtest "New two-level directory"
generate_message [dir]=two/levels

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