A little EAK script written in ruby
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A ruby client-server package for handling events from a media keyboard, IR
remote, etc.

By: Mike Kelly <pioto@pioto.org>

Basic Usage:

First, if you don't have an ir remote, you should edit the configuration section
at the top if the rubeak.rb script.

Run the rubeak.rb script in the background when you start your window manager.
For example, if you're runing Fluxbox, add the following to your
~/.fluxbox/startup file:

  # Start rubeak server
  /home/pioto/svn/rubeak/rubeak.rb &

Then, for whatever keys you want to bind to certain actions, run the
rubeak-client.rb script. Again, for Fluxbox, add this to your ~/.fluxbox/keys
file (after making sure that your media keys are mapped as such):

  XF86AudioPlay :ExecCommand rubeak-client 'play-pause'
  XF86AudioStop :ExecCommand rubeak-client 'stop'
  XF86AudioPrev :ExecCommand rubeak-client 'prev'
  XF86AudioNext :ExecCommand rubeak-client 'next'
  XF86AudioMute :ExecCommand rubeak-client 'mute'
  XF86AudioLowerVolume :ExecCommand rubeak-client 'vol-'
  XF86AudioRaiseVolume :ExecCommand rubeak-client 'vol+'

And that's about it. The default settings will control mpd, adjust your volume
with amixer, and turn on / off your monitor with the 'power' button. If you want
to change that, you'll need to modify the doaction function. Later on I'll work
on making it more configurable w/o modifying the source code.