Python & Arduino-based AT89C2051 programmer
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Python & Arduino-based AT89C2051 programmer

Software requirements

  • Python3 with pip
  • Arduino IDE

Hardware requirements

  • Aruino UNO board
  • Optocoupler (strongly recommend MOSFET-pair output)
  • 12V nominal power supply (actual voltage required ~13.5V)
  • (recommended) ZIF socket The schematic is included as schematic/schematic.pdf.

Flashing the programmer

  1. Open AT89_prog/AT89_prog.ino in Arduino IDE
  2. Flash onto the Arduino board

Installing the programmer software

  1. (recommended) Create a python virtualenv
    1. python3 -m venv venv
    2. . venv/bin/activate
  2. Install from PyPI pip install at89overlord


  1. Place chip in socket
  2. Connect the Arduino board to the computer
  3. Connect the 12V power supply
  4. On the computer run at89overlord -f PATH_TO_INTEL_HEX_FILE

Other functionality

Run at89overlord -h for the full list of commands and flags

Upgrading from an older version

  • Check for changes in the schematic
  • Reflash the Arduino board
  • Reinstall the programming software

Running on Windows

It should be possible to use this programmer on Windows.

  • Install cygwin with python3 and pip
  • When running the at89overlord append -p COMn to the arguments list, where n is the number of Arduino board's serial port.