First release - v1.0

@piotrek1668 piotrek1668 released this Nov 13, 2016 · 18 commits to master since this release

With this little programm you can simply start mining Ethereum, Ethereum-classic, zcash or zclassic with your cpu or gpu on the MiningPoolHub-Pool. Just type in your login details from and chose a coin and server then simple start mining!

Following miners are included in this version:
Claymores Eth/Etc miner (AMD/NVIDIA) - v7.3beta
Nheqminer Zec Miner (CPU/NVIDIA) - v0.4b
Claymores Zec Miner (AMD) - v4.0

If a miner is outdated, you can simply delete all files inside the miner folder (e.g. 'claymore_zec') and put the new files inside.

md5: 968BFAF17A0B1E1B25960AC204743D03
sha-1: BB5F1C01323509C7B9C55BE9388BA324291BACDB
sha-256: AE250F750708F5125D8C51FFD05AFE44315F813CE44391446DFB4BA407E89B88

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