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Android Interface

AndroidInterface allows you to execute methods from Android JavascriptInterface as asynchronous method - by callback. This works only in android webview.

How to use

In Android side

Create class, which inherits from the JavascriptInterfaceAbstract from android/ file.

public class FooJSInterface extends JavascriptInterfaceAbstract {


Implement your methods. Remeber that this method:

  • must be of a void type,

  • the last argument must be a string variable - this is the callback,

  • returns results by executing this.runCallback(String callback, JSONArray results) method. The result is an optional argument

     import org.json.JSONArray;
     import android.webkit.WebView;
     public class FooJSInterface extends JavascriptInterfaceAbstract {
     	public SomeJSInterface(WebView web){
     	public void bar(String callback){
     		JSONArray result;
     		// block of code
     		this.runCallback(callback, result);

Add to your webView in activity. For example:

WebView web = (WebView) findViewById(;
web.addJavascriptInterface(new SomeJSInterface(web), "Android");

In Javascript side

Initialize AndroidInterface


AndroidInterface(window, "AI", "Android", ["bar"]),


  • window is a global context
  • AI is the name of this interface - now you have a global access to the interface like
  • Android is an original name of the interface, which you set in addJavascriptInterface method
  • ["bar"] is list of methods, which you would like to set as asynchronous

Now you can use android methods like this:{

result is ['Hello', 'World', true]

You can set special parameters:{
}, {
	timeout : 500,
	onTimeout : function(){

A list of the parameters:

  • timeout - time to live in milisecons. When timeout expires, the callback is removed and onTimeout is execuded (if set)
  • onTimeout - executed when timeout expires