jQuery plugin for floating grids
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Jquery Floater 0.6

How to get (and contribute) Floater

  1. Start a new project in git.
  2. Fork http://github.com/piotrfalba/jquery-floater
  3. Add jquery-floater as submodules of your project... git submodule add git@github.com:YOU/jquery-floater.git jquery-floater
  4. Learn a little more about submodules ... http://johnleach.co.uk/words/archives/2008/10/12/323/git-submodules-in-n-easy-steps
  5. Make changes in Floater, and push them back to your fork.
  6. Make a pull request to your fork.

Getting Started with Floater

	duration : 400,				- duration of animation
	minimumMargin: 20,			- minimum margin between floating boxes
	maximumMargin: 40,			- maximum margin between floating boxes
	easing : 'linear',			- easing
	boxClass : '.box',			- floating box selector
	fluidHeight : false,		- give true for fluid container height
	callback : function() {
		...						- your callback function