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This sensor uses official API to get weather warnings for Poland and storm warnings for Europe from
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This sensor uses official API to get weather warnings from To get more detailed information about parameters of warnings visit official API documentation.

Configuration options

Key Type Required Default Description
name string False Name of sensor
api_key string True - API key for
latitude float False Latitude of home Latitude of monitored point
longitude float False Longitude of home Longitude of monitored point
warnings list False - List of monitored warnings
storms_nearby - False - Enables monitoring nearby storms

Configuration options of storms_nearby

Key Type Required Default Description
radius positive int True - Radius of nearby storms monitoring

Possible monitored warnings

Key Description
frost_warning Enables frost warnings monitoring
heat_warning Enables heat warnings monitoring
wind_warning Enables wind warnings monitoring
precipitation_warning Enables precipitation warnings monitoring
storm_warning Enables storm warnings monitoring
tornado_warning Enables tornado warnings monitoring

Example usage

  - platform: burze_dzis_net
    api_key: !secret burze_dzis_net.api_key
      - frost_warning
      - heat_warning
      - wind_warning
      - precipitation_warning
      - storm_warning
      - tornado_warning
      radius: 30


Download and manifest.json to config/custom_components/burze_dzis_net directory:

mkdir -p custom_components/burze_dzis_net
cd custom_components/burze_dzis_net


  • How to get API key?

    To get API key you have to follow steps available at official project page.

  • What to do if Home Assistant does not find this component?

    Most likely you have to install additional dependency required for it to run. Activate Python environment Home Assistant is running in and use following command:

    pip install zeep

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