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This sensor uses unofficial API to get energy usage and generation data from
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Tauron AMIplus sensor

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This sensor uses unofficial API to get energy usage and generation data from TAURON eLicznik.

WARNING: Currently it only supports G11 and G12 tariffs.

Configuration options

Key Type Required Default Description
name string False Tauron AMIPlus Name of sensor
username string True - Username used to login at eLicznik
password string True - Password used to login at eLicznik
energy_meter_id string True - ID of energy meter
check_generation boolean False false Enables checking energy generation
monitored_variables list True - List of variables to monitor

Possible monitored conditions

Key Description
zone Current zone
consumption_daily Daily energy consumption (for previous day!)
consumption_monthly Monthly energy consumption
consumption_yearly Yearly energy consumption
generation_daily Daily energy generation (for previous day!)
generation_monthly Monthly energy generation
generation_yearly Yearly energy generation

Example usage

  - platform: tauron_amiplus
    name: Tauron AMIPlus
    username: !secret tauron_amiplus.username
    password: !secret tauron_amiplus.password
    energy_meter_id: !secret tauron_amiplus.energy_meter_id
    check_generation: true
      - zone
      - consumption_daily
      - consumption_monthly
      - consumption_yearly
      - generation_daily
      - generation_monthly
      - generation_yearly


Download and manifest.json to config/custom_components/tauron_amiplus directory:

mkdir -p custom_components/tauron_amiplus
cd custom_components/tauron_amiplus


  • How to get energy meter id?

    To find out value for energy_meter_id log in to eLicznik. Desired value is in upper-left corner of page (Punkt poboru).

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