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This card displays provided Jinja2 template as an HTML content of a card. It uses exactly the same engine as Home Assistant in Developer tools.
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Lovelace HTML Jinja2 Template card

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This card displays provided Jinja2 template as an HTML content of a card. It uses exactly the same engine as Home Assistant in Developer tools.

Configuration options

Key Type Required Default Description
title string false - Title of a card
content string true - Content of a card
ignore_line_breaks boolean false false Disables changing line breaks to </br> tags
do_not_parse boolean false false Disables template parsing
always_update boolean false false Enables refreshing the card with every change of entity
picture_elements_mode boolean false false Enables picture-elements mode
entities list false [] List of additional entities whose updates should trigger refresh of the card


  • Entity state, example: {{ states('sun.sun') }}
  • Entity attribute, example: {{ state_attr('sun.sun', 'elevation') }]
  • Detailed documentation: Templating

Example usage


- name: Example
    - type: custom:html-template-card
      title: 'HTML Template card'
      ignore_line_breaks: true
      content: |
        Sun state: <b>{{ states('sun.sun') }}</b>, elevation: {{ state_attr('sun.sun','elevation') }}</br>
        <b>Hello</b> there!<p>General <u>Kenobi!</u></p>
        <img src="" width="70%"/></br>
        <ha-icon icon="mdi:speaker"></ha-icon> Volume: {{ states('input_number.system_volume') }}%</br>
        <center><img src="" width="{{ states('input_number.system_volume') }}%"/></center>

Manual Installation

  1. Download html-template-card.js to /www/custom_lovelace/html_template_card directory:
    mkdir -p www/custom_lovelace/html_template_card
    cd www/custom_lovelace/html_template_card/
  2. Add card to resources in ui-lovelace.yaml or in raw editor if you are using frontend UI editor:
      - url: /local/custom_lovelace/html_template_card/html-template-card.js
        type: js


  • To use mdi icon follow example: <ha-icon icon="mdi:weather-sunny"></ha-icon>.
  • If content does not contain any template use flag do_not_parse: true to increase performance.
  • If content does not contain entity id (e.g. because of loop) you have to provide it manually in entities to enable refresh of the card when it will be updated.
  • If you want to enable refreshing for every change in HA use flag always_update: true. WARNING: this may cause heavy load of browser/HA. Best to use with flag do_not_parse: true.
  • To check if your content is correct without changing configuration use Developer tools.
  • To use this card as an element of picture-elements card use picture_elements_mode parameter.

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