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React Fullscreen Lightbox Basic

Fullscreen Lightbox is plugin for displaying images and videos in clean overlaying box.


Dependency Version
react at least 16.8.0
react-dom at least 16.8.0
prop-types at least 15.6.2

Basic usage


 npm install --save-dev fslightbox-react


import React, { useState } from 'react';
import FsLightbox from 'fslightbox-react';

function App() {
    // initial toggler value determines if lightbox should be opened on init
    // if toggler is updated when lightbox is closed it will open it
    // if toggler is updated when lightbox is opened it will close it
    const [toggler, setToggler] = useState(false);

    return (
            <button onClick={ () => setToggler(!toggler) }>
                Toggle Lightbox
                toggler={ toggler }
                sourcesElements={ [
                ] }

export default App;


Available at:

Documentation and props description

Available at:

Browser Compatibility

Browser Works?
Chrome Yes
Firefox Yes
Safari Yes
Edge Yes
IE 11 Yes
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